MEFCO works to protect the oceans with viable conservation solutions.

We accomplish this through pioneering research and innovative technology development. In addition, we facilitate field work and expeditions by providing logistics support, personnel, and tools for gathering data. 

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We are leading the drive to conduct meaningful research and technological development in support of the planet's oceans.

Sea life and the marine environment are essential to preserving all life on Earth. Creating and supporting science-based solutions that build on data gathered in the field is the best way to protect our environment and the life that depends on it.

Ocean research touches all aspects of environmental science, from biology, to the origins of life, to weather and climatology. The ocean is the source of life on Earth and as we continue to learn more about its multitude of unique and extreme environments, we learn lessons that will help us preserve the entire worldwide biosphere.

We at MEFCO are dedicated to supporting research projects, field work and technological development of all types. We work with partners across multiple disciplines to provide all kinds of focused and general assistance with their efforts. This important work is beginning to show results that are relevant and engaging to communities and policymakers all around the world.

Our Work

At MEFCO, we work with partners worldwide to support multiple efforts to understand, measure, and protect the ocean environment. From projects to study the migration of whale sharks to analysis of the ocean currents that affect our weather, we partner with like-minded individuals, organizations and institutions to deliver scientifically valid data and analysis. We hope this work will support the creation of policies to protect the environment of the ocean as well a general appreciation for the role it plays in all of our lives.


We partner with several groups to develop, test and deploy equipment to measure the environmental conditions, life in the ocean and the geological record. By supporting the development of this new technology across multiple channels, we have helped position our partners to gather more data that has better quality and can support more in-depth scientific research.

Field Work

We connect with scientific professionals of multiple disciplines to provide the support and backing they need to conduct good field work. We assist our partners at every step of the way, facilitating the acquisition of necessary gear and equipment, transportation, local contacts and even trained field workers. After the work is done, we help with data preservation and analysis along with follow-up field work.

Reporting & Publicity

Getting complex scientific data and research into the hands of the right people is an important part of all work in support of the environment. MEFCO helps develop reports and studies that present scientific data for a variety of different audiences. We provide supporting materials, multi-media and other presentation methodologies to ensure that the conclusions and data are available where they can make a difference.

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